Botsonic: The Best Custom AI Chatbot Builder For Your Business Website

Botsonic is a custom train ChatGPT AI chat bot builder that trains on your knowledge base data.

This custom AI chatbot builder will help small and large businesses train Chat GPT on their own website data to provide seamless customer service.

Features of Botsonic AI

  1. Training ChatGPT with your knowledge base 📚 (documents or URLs)
  2. Customizing your AI chatbot to match your brand’s style 🎨 (colors, logos, taglines, and more)
  3. Integrating Botsonic with your website through a simple, no-code setup process 🛠️ (Embeddable code or API Key)
  4. Catering to visitor’s needs and feedback 24×7 across various use cases 🌍 (customer support, lead capture, engagement, and more!)

Create Your Own Custom AI Chatbot Now!

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