Botsonic Pricing Plans 2023: How much does it cost?

Botsonic Pricing Plans

With Botsonic, it’s easy for everyone to create personalized AI chatbots without any technical expertise needed! In just a matter of minutes, you can craft an exceptional customer experience that will leave a lasting impression. Find Botsonic’s pricing plans below. Do you want to try it? Try Botsonic For Free

So what are the prices for Botsonic in 2023? Looking for Botsonic pricing plans?

Unsure which pricing package to choose for Botsonic? Let us help you decide!

Many people want to use AI chatbots like Botsonic. And for a good reason.

The main reason behind this desire is everyone wants to create a better customer experience.

But creating a custom AI chatbot is difficult. Here’s where AI chatbots like Botsonic can help you create your own chatbot without any coding experience.

Creating personalized chatbots is now effortless with the help of this AI chatbot. You can build your chatbots in minutes with only a few clicks.

Botsonic Pricing Plans: Trial or Pro or Enterprise, Which One to Pick?

Please Note: To try Botsonic, you must register for a Writesonic account! You can use our link at Botsonic.Pro

Writesonic offers three main pricing plans which are;

  1. Free Trial (excellent option to get started. Limited to 1 bot with 1 file upload. Only embeddable code access is available.
  2. Pro plan (perfect choice for small businesses. Unlimited chatbots with any number of files. Both embeddable code and API access available)
  3. Enterprise (excellent choice for e-commerce and big agencies)

As you can see in the image, the annual plans offer a 33% discount.

Claim this discount now by selecting either the Pro or Enterprise plan when signing up with Writesonic.

Find out about Botsonic prices here.